Pete Sheridan a/k/a 'The Jukester'



 "The Quest For Tone In Amplified Blues Harp"

Third Edition

This is the only official updated version. Everything you want to know about mics, amps, effects, rack playing, and rigs of famous players. Twice the number of pages of the Second Edition, with numerous professionally shot photos of mics, amps, effects, and mic elements. Many mics not covered in previous editions, including Astatic biscuits, the Astatic Model 600 (both issues), rare Electro-Voice models, plus the Shure Slim-X and it's various Japanese copies. Expanded discographies for both hand held and rack players. Ads from the past, plus the author's recommended list of essential blues harp CDs in the Addenda.

Price is $30 for USA addresses, $40 for overseas, including Shipping and Handling.

Some Reviews of "The Quest For Tone..."

"I've been chasing esoteric vintage tube equipment gear around the globe for almost 30 years now, but this book hipped me to stuff even I've never heard about! If you're into vintage blues harp and guitar tone, you need to read this book. Pete's book has soul, with the handmade touch. Very highest recommendation! A righteous read!"
Steve Melkisethian, Angela Instruments

"Page after page of assorted harp arcana that's not only interesting to check out, but is a field guide for digging among electronic rubble to unearth some gems. This is a must-read, as you can easily save many times the cover price on your next equipment purchase with the info in this book."
Dr. Harpo (Kevin Hagerty), Blues Access Magazine

"Four Fender tube amps out of four! Beginning or gigging harp players, this is the item we've been waiting for and didn't even know it. Written in layman's language, gear guru Sheridan's manual is a first, an only, and a classic. A tool book to find the tools. Indispensable reading."
Mark "Honolulu Slim" Prados, Lancaster Music Exchange



 "Affordable Axes And Cool Amps For The Slide Guitarist/Harp Player"

First Edition

If you play slide guitar as well as harp, this is your guide to finding a guitar/amp combo that will do double duty for you. A detailed study of American-made "low end" guitars and amps of yesteryear that keep the blues alive today. Electric and acoustic axes (both archtop and flat top), pickup systems, and the American "house brand" industry of the 1930s through the 1970s are discussed in detail. Amps you never heard of, but will be glad you did! Discographies of harp/slide players and a discussion of several major players. Also a special section on blues mandolin players, past and present, and their choice of instruments and accompanying discography.

Price is $30 for USA addresses, $40 for overseas, including Shipping and Handling

Some Reviews of "Affordable Axes And Cool Amps..."

"In the same vein as "The Quest For Tone In Amplified Blues Harp", The Jukester again captures a slice of musical history. With a focus on non-mainstream cool and sharing his well-earned understanding of things that produce the elusive quality we call "tone", Pete has compiled a well-researched and humorous read. The style, like his playing, is blue collar and the presentation has the ease that only comes from hard woodshedding. If you love this stuff, you will learn something new. If you do not, "Affordable Axes And Cool Amps For The Slide Guitarist/Harp Player" may just change your mind. My thanks to The Jukester, and whatever it is that motivates him to document some of music's roads less traveled."
David Sarge, Engineered Sound

"An indispensable guide to the real Chicago sounds of the Fifties and Sixties, the players, and their gear. "Affordable Axes And Cool Amps For The Slide Guitarist/Harp Player" goes far beyond "Blues on a Budget" - it's more like "The Whole Earth Catalog Of Tone". The sections on "House Brands" are alone worth the cover price. One of the most useful books a Blues guitar fan could hope for."
Bill McHenry, Slide Player

Additional Books Recommended For Serious Harp Players

"Wayne Raney - That Hillbilly Boogie Boy, Country Crooner, And Born-Again Gospel Guy With The Talking Harmonica" by Pete Sheridan.. The musical life and times of one of the first caucasian harmonica players to gain widespread popularity playing in the cross harp style. Wayne's struggles to overcome his serious physical problems and the history of his performing and recording years with Lonnie Glosson and the Delmore Brothers, as well as his solo career, is covered in detail. Includes a comprehensive 3-part discography covering Wayne's singles, EPs, LPs, Cassettes, and CDs, plus examples of vintage trade advertisements from the William Kratt Company, the manufacturer of Wayne's famous "Talking Harmonica". Additional sections feature reproductions of record labels, LP album covers, EP record sleeves and promotional material, plus numerous professionally taken photos of that "Talking Harmonica". Price is $30 for USA addresses, $40 for overseas, includes S&H.


"The Art of Playing The Harmonica". A 24-page booklet published by M.Hohner, Inc. in 1931, describing their pre-war line of harmonicas. This is NOT a reprint, but the original item, in excellent condition, printed on good paper. Wonderful photos of the diatonic, chromatic, tremolo, full concert, echo and school band harmonicas offered by the company at this time, with note layout and selected tunes for playing each type. Printed in the USA, this is the kind of material that should be included with the purchase of one's first harp. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. Get one while they last. Price is $10 for USA addresses, $15 for overseas, includes S&H.

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